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I can help you choose the best wood for your needs I have over 20 years experience with stoves/ fires/ fuels just ask if you need any help phone or text  07970 558879
 Same / next day delivery where possible 7 days a week within 10 miles of M23 9XD subject to minimum order value please ask before ordering, deliveries nationwide is available depending on order value please phone or text
07970 558879
   with post code and order details.

Have a mix of Ash / Birch / Oak then you can try all these great burning  Premium Eco friendly Kiln Dried hardwood logs.

The XL nets are the best value nets around much better then the standard size nets that people sell + some nice big chunks for a long burn time which are not generally found in the smaller nets.


Kiln Dried Premium Eco Friendly Ash / Birch / Oak /  in seperate Super Big nets
Some nice big chunks for a great long burn time.
13 x XL nets  equals approximately the same volume of wood as a bulk bag, buy Premium Eco Friendly Kiln Dried Ash / Birch / Oak for just £82.50 or the best selling 26 x XL nets for £155 based on collection from M23 9XD.
  Kiln Dried Hardwood Kindling sticks nice big nets
5 x nets for £15 or 10 nets for £28

Smokeless coal 20kg Unbeatable prices for collection check the relevant page
10 x 20kg bags of Smokeless ovals for just £72.00
Packet of wood wool Eco friendly firelighters
Great prices when you buy 5 or 10 packets have a look on the Kindling & Firelighter pages.

All volume’s, weights and measurements are approximate.