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Are suppliers have informed us that Log & Coal prices will increase very soon buy now at these prices whilst available.
Same day Delivery where possible with time slots available so you don’t have to wait in all day.
Pay Cash / Bank Transfer / Cheque / Card Payment before or after delivery.
Local company with Great prices Unbeatable service and great Customer feedback I can help you choose the best wood for your needs I have over 20 years experience with stoves/fires/fuels just ask if you need any help.
Minimum order for delivery to Altrincham Hale Sale Timperley, Northenden & Wythenshawe is around £45 other area’s like Bowdon Didsbury, Cholton, Gatley is £85, all other area’s please ask.
Birch…. Easy to light and will give you a fabulous fire.
Ash…. Similar to Birch but a harder wood lovely to burn.
Oak…. The Longest burning  wood, great on its own if you are experienced with fires / stoves, if not mix it with Ash / Birch.
All my Logs come from Sustainable sources approved and checked by the forestry commission.


Kiln Dried Premium Eco Friendly Birch / Oak  in seperate nets.
The XL nets are the best value nets around much better then the standard size nets that people sell + some nice big chunks for a long burn time which are not generally found in the smaller nets.
13 x XL nets equals the same volume of wood as a bulk bag, buy Premium Eco Friendly Kiln Dried Birch £105 Oak & Ash £105 based on collection.
26 x XL nets Premium Kiln Dried Birch or Oak for £220 delivered locally within 6 miles any further please ask, same volume of wood as 2 x Bulk bags.
 Bulk bag Premium Eco Friendly Kiln Dried Ash / Birch / Oak from £105 depending on the type of wood ( Collection price ) or from £115 ( Delivery price ) we can deliver in nets or bulk bags.
Unlike other companies we don’t leave your Bulk bag at the end of the drive we can place where you like, inside your Garage, Shed or simply at the back of your house virtually no other companies will do this.
50 x nets of Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood in 30 Litre nets £287.50 thats just £5.75 per net unbeatable value.
 50 x nets of Kiln dried Ash Hardwood in 30 Litre nets £292.50 thats just £5.85 per net unbeatable value.
They wont be this price for very long buy whilst you can.
Kiln Dried Kindling sticks lovely clean dry wood approved by the forestey commission.
5 x nets for £15 or 10 nets for £28

Smokeless coal 20kg Unbeatable prices for collection check the relevant page.
Packet of wood wool Eco friendly firelighters
Great prices when you buy 5 packets for £15 or 10 packets for £28 have a look on the kindling & firelighter pages.

Traditonal Firelighters £1.50 each or 10 x boxes for £12.50


All volume’s, weights and measurements are approximate.