Check out our great customer feedback, good old fashion service from a local company that’s very had to come by these days, I can help you choose the best wood and coal for a great fire, I have had my own stoves for over 15 years, free tips and advice just ask.


Timperley Logs offer same day delivery or collection where possible with 30 minute time slots so you don’t have to wait in all day, please check the bottom of this page for delivery details, we can deliver to most of  Cheshire, Manchester & Lancashire  subject to minimum order value and a delivery charge may apply easiest way is to phone to check.

Collection is from M23 9XD or WA15 7Ap both by appointment only.
Place your order by Phone 0161 980 1512  Text 07970 558879  E-mail– enquiries@timperleylogs.co.uk 
Free stacking service available placing your order where you would like them not just tipped at the end of the drive as most companies do, this can save you a lot of time.
100% Guarantee that this wood is superb quality and burns lovely, everything I sell I have tested on my own fires.


30 Litre Kiln Dried Premium Ash Oak or Silver Birch Hardwood Logs just    £ 4.50 per net.
Buy 20 nets of 30 Litre nets for just £ 89.00 delivered or £ 85.00 collected from M23 9XD
XL ( approx 45Litre) Large nets of Kiln Dried Premium Ash,Birch,Oak superb nets.  £ 6.75 per net
13 XL nets for just £ 85.00
 Superb Kiln Dried Logs burns very hot & slow—you will not buy better anywhere else

30 Litre Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood Large net at £ 4.35
Buy 20 nets and collect from M23 9XD for just £ 79.00 that’s just £ 3.95 per net unbelievable value.
Lovely random mix of Apple,Ash, Beech,Birch,Cherry,Oak,Pear.
Big chunky logs for a good long burn time.
 Superb Kiln Dried Logs burns very hot & slow—you will not buy better anywhere else, currently burning this wood myself big chunky slow burning logs  produced in the uk.
Bulk Bag / 20 nets of Kiln Dried Premium Ash,Birch,Oak or Mixed Hardwood choose which wood you like or have a mix burns lovely, I can personally recommend all of them.
Buy 20 nets of mixed Kiln hardwood and collect from M23 9XD for just £ 79.00 based on collection or £ 85.00 based on delivery.
Buy 20 nets of Oak Ash or Birch and collect from M23 9XD for just £ 85.00 that’s just £ 4.25 per net unbelievable value based on collection or £ 89.00 based on delivery.
      The best Kiln dried logs you can buy I use them myself— just Superb you can’t go wrong. 

( Check out my customer feedback page no one can get near my customer service levels )

Delivered in 20 net bags which is the equivalent of a bulk bag for easy storage, includes free stacking in you place of choice.  This save’s a lot of time  and the logs can be stacked neatly
  Nice Bag of Kiln Dried Kindling sticks very clean dry wood.
Traditional Kindling sticks from £ 3.25 per net or buy 5 nets for just £ 15.00

Smokeless coal 20kg  £ 7.50 per bag ( Smokeless Newheat ovals )
Check my customer feedback on this great priced coal.
Limited offer collect for £ 7.00 per bag minimum order of 5 bags  (Phone, text or e-mail order only)
Buy Half a pallet which is 25 bags x 20kg for just £ 175.00 or buy One full pallet 50 bags x 20kg for just £ 299.99  this price includes local delivery and free stacking, not just left at the end of your drive.

Our free stacking service save’s you a lot of work & time.

Unbeatable on price and service for full pallets of coal. I can better anybody’s price – just phone to discuss.
Firelighters small box £ 1.25  Large box £ 2.00


Lighter just £ 2.50

 Free local delivery within 5 miles of WA15 7AP or M23 9xd subject to an minimum order value of £ 45.00, if your order is under  this amount I can still deliver locally subject to a delivery fee.
 Delivery to other area’s ranging from 5-8 mile radius of WA15 7AP or M23 9xd subject to a minimum order value  generally around £ 90.00 please ask.
 We can deliver to all area’s of Manchester, Stockport etc subject to a minimum order value please ask before ordering,  a delivery charge may apply.
Payments can be made by Cash on delivery or bank transfer.