Smokeless coal & peat

If your coal is delivered by ourselves we will provide you with a free stacking service to put your coal away, we don’t just leave it at the end of your driveway this will save you a considerable amount of time and hard work.(Please ask about cellars)
100% Guarantee that this coal is superb i use it on my own fires.
Don’t take a chance on cheap coal, all my coal is supplied from a coal merchant who’s been in business for over 6o years.

Buy quality then you will not end up disappointed.

I have introduced a discounted rate for people who wish to collect there coal they fit easily into car boots, hatchbacks etc and will all be loaded in for you,collect and save £££££££££££
            Smokeless coal 20 kg bag for just £ 7.99 (Newheat smokeless ovals) Check my customer feedback for this great coal
5 x SMOKELESS COAL20KG   £7.35 per bag collection only.
10 x SMOKELESS COAL 20KG  £7.00 per bag  collection only.
25 x SMOKELESS COAL 20KG  £6.80 per bag collection only.
50 x SMOKELESS COAL 20KG  £6.35 per bag collection only.
 Smokeless fuel is a superb product, it generates a lot of heat and leaves very little ash, and what’s more, it is a slow burner and easy to control.
This product is a top of the range fuel and a good all-rounder!
smokeless fuel is suitable for open fires and multi fuel stoves.
HETAS approved and is suitable for burning in smoke controlled areas.
A great coal, lights easily, burns very hot and long lasting.


Half a pallet of 25 x 20 kg Smokeless coal ovals    £ 187.50
Come and collect for £ 172.00 unbelievable value.
Order by phone text or or e-mail



Full pallet of Newheat ovals 50 x 20 kg Smokeless coal ovals delivered locally for  £ 325.00 or £ 345.00 delivered nationally.
If you live locally with 20 miles from WA15 7AP your coal will be delivered on our own vehicles and the coal will be stacked in your place of choice not just left at the end of your drive as most companies do.


Supertherm smokelss Coal 20kg Bag   £ 8.99
Excel smokeless coal 20kg Bag               £ 8.99
Full pallet 50 x 20kg delivered locally £ 355.00 or £ 375.00 delivered nationwide.


Premium House Coal 20kg Bag   £ 6.75
Buy 50 x 20kg bags of coal for just £ 245.00 delivered locally.


Irish burning peat 20kg Bag   £ 7.50
Limited offer collect for £7.00 per bag ( Phone order only )
Irish burnable peat 20kg bag. Being a 100% natural product and ecologically sound, Peat Heat is a low cost, but top quality.
Peat Heat generates the same heat output as coal and burns just as long while giving off a unique comforting aroma and leaves no black soot leaving chimneys and fire burners cleaner for longer.
The Peat originates from Ireland and has been harvested for generations. It has been proven to give off low  emissions and is clean and simple to handle. The ash can also be used to rekindle fires.


 Bag Of Kiln dried kindling sticks very clean and dry Great value at  £ 3.25
Traditional Kindling sticks  £ 3.25 per net or buy 5 nets for just £  15.00
Traditional Kindling sticks  £ 3.25 per net or buy 10 nets for just £ 27.50


Fire Lighters
Add a box of Fire Lighters to your order!
Small Box £ 1.25
Large Box £ 2.00
Great to use in your open fire, wood stove or fireplace to get your fire burning quickly.
They can also be used to light BBQs, Campfires, bonfires, incinerators and more.

Large packet of wood wool Eco friendly firelighters just £ 3.75

Large packet of Eco friendly firelighters made from compressed sawdust just £ 2.75 per packet


Lighter £ 2.50
Add a gas lighter to your order!

 Free Delivery subject to minimum order please check on the delivery page.