Collection Prices for Logs & Coal

Local company with Great prices and feedback check are reviews.
Buy whilst available at these great prices they will fit in small hatchbacks / estate cars such as Corsa, Fiesta etc and all loaded in your vehicle for you.
I can help you choose the best wood and coal for your needs I have over 20 years experience with stoves/ fires/ fuels just ask if you need any help.

Buying online is not currently available you can Phone / Text / Whatsapp your order to 07970 558879 or e-mail

Pay Cash / Bank transfer / Cheque / Debit / Credit / Card over the phone before or after delivery.

Eco friendly Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs all come from Sustainable sources approved by the Uk forestry commission.

13 x XL Kiln Dried Birch nets  £89
13 x XL Kiln Dried Oak nets    £89
13 x XL Kiln Dried Ash nets     £89
13 x XL Kiln Dried Beech nets £89
13 x XL nets equals the same volume of wood as 1 Bulk bag.
Superb Ash / Birch / Beech /  Oak Kiln Dried Logs burns very hot & slow when mixed together—you will not buy better anywhere have a look at my customer reviews.
The XL nets are the best value nets around much better then the standard size nets that people sell + some nice big chunks for a long burn time which are not generally found in the smaller nets.


Kiln Dried Premium Birch XL Super Big nets £7.75
Kiln Dried Premium Oak XL Super Big nets   £7.75
Kiln Dried Premium Ash XL Super Big nets  £7.75
Kiln Dried Premium Beech XL Super Big nets £7.75

Bulk bag £89 for Ash Birch Beech or Oak based on collection and supplied in 13 x XL Nets or Best Seller 26 x XL Nets for £175
13 x XL nets equals the same volume of wood as a bulk bag but at a cheaper price starting from £89 due to easy handling.
 Very Nice net of Kiln Dried Hardwood Kindling sticks very clean dry wood.
Traditional Kindling sticks £3.50 per net or discounted when buying 5 nets +
 Buy 5 nets for  £15
Buy 10 nets for £28
Buy 20 nets for £52

Packet of wood wool Eco friendly firelighters just £3.75
These are great they light easy and are Eco friendly.
Buy 5 Packets for £15
Buy 10 Packets for £28
Buy 20 Packets for £52
Mix & match for example buy 5 x Kindling & 5 Wood wool for £28
 10 of each for £52

Smokeless coal 20kg  £8.95 per bag ( Smokeless Newheat ovals )
All my smokeless coal is approved by DEFRA
Check my customer feedback on this great priced coal.
5 x SMOKELESS COAL 20KG    £8.50 per bag
10 x SMOKELESS COAL 20KG £8.20 per bag
Based on collection when available.

All volume’s, weights and measurements are approximate.