Are suppliers have informed us that prices will increase very soon buy now at these prices whilst available.
Kiln Dried Kindling sticks lovely clean dry wood approved by the forestey commission.
Buy 5 nets for  £15
Buy 10 nets for £28
Buy 20 nets for £52
Buy 50 nets £105
Packet of wood wool Eco friendly firelighters just £3.50
These are great they light easy, great to handle with no smell of petroleum and are Eco friendly.
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Buy 5 Packets for £15
Buy 10 Packets for £28
Buy 20 Packets for £52
Buy 50 Packets for £105
Mix & match as an example 5 x Kindling & 5 x Wood wool firelighters £28
10 of each for £52
25 of each for £105

Traditonal Firelighters £1.50 each or 10 x boxes for £12.50
You can place your order by Whatsapp / Message / Phone on 07970 558879 or e-mail
Pay Cash / Bank transfer / Cheque / Debit / Credit / Card over the phone before or after delivery.
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 All volume’s, weights and measurements are approximate.